Independent Federal MP Bob Katter has attacked the Member for Maranoa and his father in an explosive open letter.
Independent Federal MP Bob Katter has attacked the Member for Maranoa and his father in an explosive open letter. DAN PELED

Katter says pollie's dad 'back-stabbed' Bjelke-Petersen

IN AN explosive open letter to the Member for Maranoa, Bob Katter has labelled David Littleproud a "stinking useless politician”, and his father, retired-state-member, Brian Littleproud a "backstabber”.

The Member for Kennedy lambasted Mr Littleproud for an incident which occurred in Parliament on November 29, where the Maranoa MP allegedly "shouted abuse against the CFMEU (The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union)”, accusing him of prioritising corporations over workers.

"The Member who represents the southern coal fields of Qld is advocating for no industrial representation or advocacy whatsoever,” Mr Katter said in the open letter.

"He wouldn't understand that the people working in the mines are the sons and daughters of farming families who work in mining as tradesmen, plant operators... and he wouldn't understand that half the farmers in Qld are only there because of the higher wage that we enjoy in the mines and the only reason that we've got the jobs in the mines is because the CFMEU stood up to the Section 457 workers, (150,000 coming in one year alone).”

The Member for Kennedy's letter then went on to direct his scorn to Mr Littleproud senior, the National Party member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1983 to 2001, Condamine representative until 1992, and then Western Downs member until 2001.

"This Member of Parliament's father was one of the people who back-stabbed Bjelke-Petersen,” Mr Katter said.

"There was the clever anti-Bjelke-Petersen brigade that dragged the Country Party down from 44 per cent to 14 per cent through their antics in Parliament.”

The Member for Kennedy also scorned "those Members of Parliament who enable big corporate mining companies to have conditions that lose 72 workers to death in the space of 20 minutes”, referencing the Mount Mulligan mine disaster of 1921.

The Member for Maranoa issued a response to Mr Katter's "open letter” this afternoon, stating, "bullying and name-calling is something Mr Katter and the CFMEU have in common and I refuse to lower myself to that standard.”

Mr Littleproud further stated that during last week's Parliamentary sitting, the legislation was passed to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) "to restore confidence and stability on Australian work-sites and among small businesses”.

"Australia's construction sector has more than 340,000 small businesses and about 97% of the construction sector businesses are small. But with bullying tactics, intimidation and delays drawn-out across the sector, small business suffered with costs of up to a third more. This independent watchdog will create a balance between the building and construction sector and the unions.

"This is why the passage of the ABCC was so critical for small business. It ensures activity on work-sites and limits union recklessness, meaning more Australians have the jobs and opportunities they deserve while fostering nation-building infrastructure.

"The ABCC does not inhibit the union movement from protecting workers' safety in a lawful way.”

Mr Katter's attack against Mr Littleproud also incorporated the whole LNP who, along with the ALP were responsible for allowing coal seam gas exploration to turn the Great Artesian Aquifer and Queensland into "some sort of poisonous pin cushion”.

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