Katter says figures show QLD's hunting laws 'miles behind'

KAP Leader and the Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter MP believes that the Queensland Government is out of step and miles behind Victoria and the NT when it comes to recreational game hunting.
Mr Katter says that the Queensland Government should adopt game hunting practices similar to Victoria to eradicate wild pig numbers and boost tourism for remote and regional communities.

"There is a real issue with the wild pig population in North Queensland. I have had several meetings with the Federal Minister for the Environment with solutions for eradicating the wild pigs, but there is no real solution forthcoming.

"The programs in place now are ridiculously inadequate and I think we should open up the industry for game hunters and hunting weekenders. 

"Promoting pig hunting as a tourism opportunity will have enormous financial benefits, not only for the local communities, but could also provide the Government a solution for the burgeoning pig population crisis in North Queensland." Mr Katter said.

The figures released by the Victorian Government reveal that hunting is worth $439 million to the economy. The activity of 46,000 licenced game hunters supports 3,500 Victorian jobs and the Victorian Coalition Government is investing in responsible game management.

"We need to adopt a similar model for Queensland, the State and Federal Governments need to get behind this.

"This incentive could also offer our struggling cattleman alternative opportunities for income." Mr Katter said.

Some local councils, AgForce and Development Boards and  have been granted money from the Federal drought funds for  eradicating feral animals but Mr Katter believes that this is not enough to significantly reduce the feral pig population and eradicate the problem.

"The current grants totalling $2 million from the $5.6 million in Federal drought funds targeting feral animals is ridiculously inadequate" Mr Katter said.

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