KAP will take action in the fight for Queensland's dairy farmers
KAP will take action in the fight for Queensland's dairy farmers Bev Lacey

Katter calls for action on milk prices

KATTER'S Australia Party is calling for a vote in parliament to introduce a 10 cent a litre milk levy.

State Leader of KAP Robbie Katter said his party would move a motion during the next parliament sitting that calls for the introduction of the levy put forward by the Queensland Dairy farmers Organisation.

"We want to see this 10c/litre levy supported by all the major supermarkets so we need to put pressure on them until they get on board," he said.

Mr Katter said the best way to do that was to throw the full weight of the parliament behind it and that required Labor and the LNP supporting the motion.

Woolworths has previously stated it would support the levy if Coles came on board.

A spokesperson for Coles said the company was working to help farmers in this time of drought.

In July it was announced the Coles Nurture Fund would provide $5 million in grants and interest-free loans for farmers who had a project which would help them to combat drought.

Mr Katter said if the parliament supported the 10c/litre levy that should compel the supermarkets to get on board.

"Coles and our customers share the community's concerns about the plight of farmers experiencing harsh drought conditions, which is why we are pleased to be contributing more than $11 million to farmers and rural communities affected by drought," the Coles spokesperson said.

Norco's chairman and interim CEO Greg McNamara said Coles had also supported Norco's decision to pay farmers an additional 5c per litre for their milk to assist them in coping with the impact of drought.

"The intentions of a proposed 10c/litre levy to be applied to the retail shelf price of milk are honourable, however it is the view of the Norco Board that our Members cannot wait and immediate action is required to assist our farmers through this debilitating drought and feed crisis," Mr McNamara said.

In addition, Coles is also raising money in stores across the country for the CWA's drought relief efforts to provide more immediate assistance, and Coles is matching every donation dollar-for-dollar.

"So far, the funds donated by Coles and its customers exceeds $6.3 million, bringing our total contribution to more than $11.3 million," the Coles spokesperson said.

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