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Katie Hopkins denies being a racist by being racist

IN an entirely characteristic series of offensive tweets, Katie Hopkins has declared to her followers that she is "not a racist".

The only problem is she did so after being so racist even Nigel Farage would have denied all knowledge of her, had she in fact have been a Ukip councillor and not just a former Apprentice contestant who occasionally gets wheeled out on debate shows to shout down benefits claimants.

Today's targeted cultural groups were "travellers" and "gypsies", whom Hopkins declared were "ferrel humans[sic]" (yes, she spelt feral wrong) that "we have no duty to".

She went on to lambast schools for introducing cultural assemblies to educate children about the traveller lifestyle and threw in a few sourceless figures about taxpayers' money and how much of it we're probably not hemorrhaging over their existence.

And then she tossed in some equally crass comments over the sentencing of Islamic cleric Abu Hamza - the notorious London 'hate preacher' who was found guilty of a number of terrorism charges in the US on Monday (19 May).

One can only assume she sat back in her pyjamas, patted herself on the back for another successfully attention-grabbing diatribe, and watched in eager anticipation for her phone to ring.

Sadly, we doubt Good Morning Britain actually called.

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