Kaela Banney.
Kaela Banney. Christopher Chan GLA010812FITE

Kaela off to Thailand for mixed martial arts training

KAELA Banney has travelled throughout the state to compete in mixed martial arts competitions, and soon she will travel overseas to fight.

Kaela headed to the Gold Coast on the weekend to fight and gain more experience .

"It's hard to find a fight because not many women do it," Kaela said.

"So whenever a fight comes up and someone is looking for a girl, we take the opportunity."

And a fight is what she found on the Gold Coast, but her competitor choked her into submission in the first round.

Kaela said she got a couple of punches in before her opponent got her in a choke hold and onto the ground.

"I had to tap out," she said.

But the 15-year-old never takes a fight for granted.

"It was a great experience," she said.

And she stuck around to watch the other fights and learn. "It was great to watch. They were all very technical."

Kaela maintains a hectic daily training schedule to gain the skills required to make a career out of mixed martial arts.

From Monday to Friday she trains three to five hours a day.

"I want to turn professional and travel the world to fight and train," she said.

And she is about to make her international debut, travelling to Thailand with her Gladstone Martial Arts Academy coach Rob McIntyre in December to train at martial arts camps.

Kaela said she was a bit scared to fight against a skilled Thai opponent.

"That's what they do from a young age," she said.

But she was looking forward to getting as much experience as she could while she was young.

Kaela Banney busy training.
Kaela Banney busy training. Christopher Chan GLA010812FITE

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