PM threatens to overshadow nuptials with trifling election

SO, I was grilling the Prime Minister the other day... Ha, rewind! Obviously I wasn't.

I mean, I sat down at The Observer's finest large table with him.

And tough questions were certainly asked - questions that garnered responses as indirect as they were long-winded.

(Even-handed in all things, I must say much like the responses the Opposition Leader gave the following day.)

Controversial topics were covered, from 457 visas, to why the health check on our harbour is dragging on longer than the average stint in a Gladstone waiting room.

But for all that, I failed.

I didn't ask the question that our most marginal electorate is dying to know.

Prime Minister, can you rule out October 19 as the day we go to the polls?

Okay, so maybe the electorate isn't so interested.

But I'm getting married that day, and I'm going to be feeling pretty bloody marginal if K-Rudd tries to steal my matrimonial thunder.

And while the standard wisdom on the matter - don't marry on grand final day - might hold true for most, election day bars any attempts at getting hitched for this hack.

We consulted widely when we picked that October day.

While Melbourne weather can't be controlled, politics is meant to be a more predictable beast - and I polled everyone from political heavyweights to backroom brawlers. (In media industry terms: my mates.)

"She'd never go that late," was the good word.

"She" being Julia Gillard - for those with shorter memories, she was the Prime Minister until a few weeks ago. And indeed, way back when we started planning this shindig.

As predicted, she named the day as September 14, and my wedding planning continued apace. (Read, I booked a bowling club. Progression since then has been slower than watching the green grow.)

But while my date is fixed, and now the election hovers unpredictably around it, and my one perfect day dreams have descended into Don's Party nightmares.

Regardless of your politics, election day invariably ends in drunken antics, shouted abuse and ultimately, broken promises.

PM, our marriage could do without the metaphors.

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