‘Just stop it’: Butcher hits back at internet trolls

GLADSTONE MP Glenn Butcher has hit back at internet trolls who have targeted his family and re-election campaign via online memes in recent weeks.

Currently contesting his fourth election, Mr Butcher told The Observer today he had not seen online trolling like it in previous campaigns.

“We have usually seen bits and pieces of it throughout each campaign I have contested but this (trolling) is by far the worst,” he said.

“I can take the trolls who target Labor’s party or our policies, but when they start putting up memes of your family and friends, that is when it gets personal.”

Mr Butcher said his personal profile was hidden behind strict security settings; however, trolls had still managed to find a way around them.

“All my photos and posts on my personal Facebook profile are private, so they would have had to get people from my friends list to do it,” he said.

Mr Butcher said the online trolling he and his campaign had experienced this year was a step too far and included targeting close family members.

“When you start accusing people of being drug addicts, having never had a cigarette in my life, or targeting my twin brother who is a reputable police officer, it is unacceptable,” he said.

“This is happening at a political level. I could just imagine the trauma and grief that it would cause young people who are copping it daily.”

Mr Butcher said the message he had for online trolls was to just stop what they were doing.

“It is no good for anyone and as I said these are serious accusations they have made, including drug abuse and my family’s personal lives,” he said.
“Social media sites should be banning profiles with a series of no profile pictures or very low friend counts.”

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