CALLOUS: Shaun Sielaff was sentenced to four years' jail for burglary.
CALLOUS: Shaun Sielaff was sentenced to four years' jail for burglary. Facebook

'Thugs' in terrifying home invasion of sick woman

TWO heavily tattooed thugs who terrorised an ill woman in a random home invasion refused to call an ambulance when she suffered a medical seizure.

Instead, the robbers armed with a gun took the mobile phone when they fled the scene after demanding money. It was only days before Christmas.

Appearing in custody before the District Court at Ipswich, Cain Dion Sturdy, 31, from Laidley, and his mate Shaun Dudley Sielaff, 28, from Bundamba, pleaded guilty to committing burglary in the night with violence while armed at Dinmore on December 19, 2016; and armed robbery in company.

Sielaff also pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and possession of explosives (shot gun cartridges) without authority.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson said the men forced their way into the house at midnight demanding money and drugs from a man inside.

She said the man's housemate had a seizure and collapsed on the floor.

The men did not allow an ambulance to be called.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said one of the men was armed with a single-barrel gun.

He said it was described as almost half a metre in length and presumably been sawn-off. The other man carried a large knife.

Judge Horneman-Wren said that when the woman came out of her room, the gun was pointed at her face. "She was a particularly unwell woman," he said.

"Having a gun pulled on her by a couple of thugs like you would be very frightening," let alone a woman with serious medical issues.

"She suffered a seizure and collapsed, hurting herself as she fell.

"You prevented an ambulance being called to treat her and you didn't allow access to a phone. One of you put the phone in a pocket and went on with the armed robbery."

Judge Horneman-Wren said the men stole a tin that held $1000 in coins.

The crime's effects on the unwell woman have been "quite profound". She now suffers flashbacks and nightmares and feels unsafe in her own home.

It was said that Sturdy was still visibly shaken about the circumstances of his child's death.

Sielaff was sentenced to four years' jail for the burglary, suspended after serving 16 months for five years.

He received three years' jail for the armed robbery, served concurrently.

With time already spent held in jail, Sielaff was given a parole released date of April 23. He received lesser penalties on his unlawful use of a car and having explosives.

Sturdy was sentenced to four years' jail suspended after he serves two years and to three years supervised probation.

His 394 days already spent held in jail was declared. No parole release date was set.

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