Jetgo cancels Roma route but Gladstone looks okay

JETGO has cancelled its Roma route before it even got in the air, but says tickets for its Gladstone-Sydney service are selling well.

The company announced in October it would run flights between Gladstone and Sydney, with the first to leave on December 1.

Brisbane Times reports managing director Paul Bredereck said the Gladstone route was still on track.

"We've got a lot of options for where we can put these aircraft at the moment - we just got the timing wrong on Roma," Mr Bredereck said.

"But we've got a lot of confidence in Gladstone, and some of the other routes we're planning for early next year we've got a lot of confidence in."

Jetgo expects the Gladstone flights to work because the planes being used are twice as fast and a lot quieter than a turbo prop jet.

"Jets cut the flying time by the best part of an hour," Mr Bredereck said last month.

"They're quieter, faster, more comfortable and it's the right size for the market."

The Roma route was abandoned because of a lack of interest.

"We pulled the pin on it because there's been a marked downturn in the short term out there for a whole bunch of things," Mr Bredereck said.

"We decided it was better to inconvenience a very small number of people now, rather than inconvenience a heap more later."

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