Jealousy-motivated murderer to stay behind bars

A FRASER Coast man will stay behind bars for a jealousy-motivated murder labelled at sentence as "violent and abhorrent" after losing his appeal bid.

Graeme Kenneth Wright was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Noel Allan Clark, 33, in 2009.

During the trial, the court heard jealousy and obsession with a former girlfriend's new relationship with Mr Clark was the motive for his plot to ambush and kill him.

Conspirator Dianna Gay Wright (no relation), who cut off the man's penis during the ordeal, admitted she lured Mr Clark, with whom she previously had an on-and-off sexual relationship, to her house on Wright's instruction.

She said Wright put electrical cords around Mr Clark's neck to hold him still while co-offender Bryan Naylor hit him repeatedly over the head with a baseball bat.

When Mr Clark fell to the ground, she said Wright sprayed about "half a can" of aerosol Start Ya Bastard into his face.

Wright argued in the Queensland Court of Appeal that the trial judge failed to direct the jury adequately on the use of lies as evidence of guilt consciousness and that the jury's verdict was unsafe.

Justice Robert Gotterson said criticisms of the female co-offender's credibility were developed during her testimony but how that might influence a jury was a matter for them.

He said her evidence about the cord around the neck and the baseball bat use was powerful and sufficient to satisfy a jury of murderous intent.

"If the jury accepted the evidence of the female co-offender, then it, together with the evidence of the appellant's post-offending conduct, presented a compelling basis for the jury to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of the appellant's guilt," he said.

"Her evidence of his expressed intention to set up the deceased and of his demonstrating how to use the Start Ya Bastard to render a person unconscious was indicative of a leadership role on the appellant's part in the enterprise."

Naylor took police to a spot in the Beerburrum forest on the Sunshine Coast where he claimed the body was dumped, though it was never found.

There are other suggestions it was dumped just outside Maryborough.

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