Jealous Gladstone FIFO busts down 'love rival's' door

LOVE with lengthy, long distance separations puts plenty of stresses on FIFO romance.

In the mistaken belief that a man was a love rival for his wife's affection, her drunken husband smashed in the man's front door to get inside and biff him.

It was New Year's Eve and in evidence before Gladstone Magistrates Court, his wife was in fact innocently inside the house with others having a celebratory drink.

Her husband, a FIFO worker who spends weeks away from his Gladstone home pleaded guilty in the Magistrates Court to entering a house to commit an offence (assault) on December 31.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the woman was at friends when her husband arrived at 10pm.

He kicked in the front door with his right foot causing it to swing open so hard that it broke a hole in the wall.

"Don't talk to my woman," he yelled at a man inside.



Mr Reece said he told his wife to get in the car and punched the man three times in the neck and back of his head.

He then punched the man another five times.

Mr Reece said the husband told police he became angry when his wife did not return home by 9.30pm.

"He was very intoxicated. He says he only punched him because he was being pushed (by the other man)."

"He has not handled himself well", defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield conceded to the court.

"Jealousy came into it. He works away with four weeks on which have taken its toll.

"He became concerned of the influence the man was having as he has served time in jail. And he was suspicious of their relationship."

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Ms Ditchfield said his wife supported him in court and there was no longer an issue about the man as the friendship was now over.

She said he was drunk at the time and paid $500 to replace the broken door.

Magistrate Mark Morrow said breaking in was "a bit like a home invasion" and he warned such penalties were severe.

"You were in an emotional state after drinking. But you can't go around breaking into people's homes and assaulting them," he said.

Mr Morrow sentenced the errant husband to four months jail, immediately suspended for 12 months.




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