James Morrison only too happy to blow Gladstone's trumpet

"I REALLY think Gladstone's next commodity boom could be musical talent!"

So thought musician extraordinaire James Morrison, when he launched Gladstone's very own musical, Boomtown.

Next month's waterfront production, costing $500,000 to stage and free for the public, will be the biggest-ever Queensland Music Festival event.

With a massive machinery set, a flotilla of dancing tugboats, and a fire-breathing dragon, Morrison makes it sound like a dream.

"Once it's gone, we're all going to wonder - did it actually happen at all?"

But once Boomtown is gone, most of the 300-strong cast remain - and continue to perform at events like the Gladstone Eisteddfod, Power Soup from the Young Dancers Company, and the monthly feast of musicians at BAM.

And with Gladstone Entertainment Centre close to complete, we'll soon have a shiny new hub to showcase them all.

The Boomtown blow-ins are impressed with our talent - it's a good reminder for locals that we should never take it for granted.

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