OPINION: It’s the end of the world and beer as we know it

THElast ounce of climate change scepticism oozed out of me on the way to work yesterday.

I was listening to a news report that beer was going to be ruined by global warming.

'What next?' I shouted at the radio as I drove on grimly to work.


It seems that barley, one of the main ingredients to make beer, has been suffering from wetter conditions in Australia and drier conditions in England.

As a result, beer may not taste as good in the future, the radio report went on.

If anything is going to get our climate change denying PM to shift ground on this issue, surely the prospect of poorer tasting beer will.


The radio report fed into my sub-conscious, which had already been stirred at the weekend by watching the Italian documentary, Ultima Chiamata (Last Call).

I'd snuck into one of the final sessions of the Byron Bay Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Last Call is all about what happened to the authors of the controversial 1972 book The Limits to Growth.

As I was only a cheeky young whipper snapper in 1972 I had never heard of the book about the "computer simulation of exponential economic and population growth with finite resource supplies".

It was eerie watching old footage of how the authors of the book were systematically discredited for what was termed their 'doomsday' predictions.

Eerie because it echoed the same response Al Gore and many other climate change campaigners got when the film an Inconvenient Truth was released in 2006.

I have to stop now, it is five minutes to midnight on my beer o'clock.

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