Quality counts when it comes to online dating

FROM background checks to the number of dates a year, researchers are diving under the covers to expose our dating habits.

The latest findings of an ongoing eHarmony relationship study reveal single Aussies go on an average of 41 dates each year.

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Most people also use social media to find out about a prospective lover's past and 22% of singles use online dating services.

Just more than half of those surveyed said they preferred to ask someone out in person, 34% said they liked intimate dinners and 22% liked to go out for coffee.

Dating expert Melanie Schilling said the quality, not quantity, of dates was important.

"While you still have to be in it to win it, successful dating starts by being matched with the right person," she said.

"Rather than worrying about the number of dates or getting caught up planning an expensive or elaborate date, singles should instead take some time to think about what it is that they really want in a partner and whether those values and beliefs align to those of their date."

University of Queensland researcher Jason McIntyre reveals the pros and cons of internet dating:


  • Go from a bad relationship to a good one.
  • Finding someone with the qualities you like.
  • Huge selection of people to choose from increases your chances of finding a desirable partner.


  • Online communication lacks important information gleaned from things like body language.
  • You can get trapped in the cycle of searching through hundreds of unsuitable people.
  • Relationships can be harmed by websites that encourage infidelity.
  • Internet dating and infidelity sites can lead to anger, sadness, self-doubt, depression and relationship breakdown.


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