Ipswich Administrator Greg Chemello.
Ipswich Administrator Greg Chemello. Cordell Richardson

IT'S ON: Olympic bid push a 'big deal' for Ipswich

A CALL to progress a feasibility study into the region's suitability to bid for the 2032 Olympics has been hailed as a "big deal" for Ipswich.

Today, the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors will decide to push on to determine whether the bid is feasible.

"It's a big deal for the region," Ipswich administrator Greg Chemello said.

"But it cannot be underestimated just how significant this could be for Ipswich."

Mr Chemello said transport, economic, legacy and tourism benefits would bless the city.

Negotiations will continue before a decision whether to lodge a formal Olympic bid is decided.

The administrator said the "right discussions" were being had.

"If an Olympic bid helps put hard deadlines on key infrastructure the Ipswich community needs such as a Norman St Bridge, a rail line from Springfield to Ripley to Ipswich Central, and fast rail which connects residents of Ipswich to Brisbane City within 20 minutes, then that's a great outcome," he said.

Mr Chemello said the Council of Mayors was "stressing a couple of really important points".

"One point is that the transport plan for Southeast Queensland is not reliant on an Olympic bid," he said.

"Regardless of whether the world's sporting talent converges on our region in 13 years' time or not, the infrastructure laid out in the transport plan should already have been built; it is needed by this community and it makes sense to build it."

He said Ipswich would be a different city in 2032.

"We'll be a hub for innovation, health, logistics and defence... and Ipswich Central will have been a thriving business, health, retail and community hub for well over a decade."

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