Targinnie has second 'n'

TARGINNIE residents are rightly giddy with delight.

In a case of the people have spoken and we’ve listened, Minister for Mines and Energy Stephen Robertson this week decreed Targinie would now be known as...Targinnie.

Yes, you read that right Targinnie. With two ns.

Long-time Targinnie resident Gladstone Regional Council councillor Craig Butler was chuffed when the news came through that sanity had prevailed after one hundred years of irritation for locals.

“I’m absolutely thrilled, as would all people from Targinnie be,” Cr Butler said.

“You talk to anyone who lives out here and Targinnie has always been spelt with two ns.”

Cr Butler has long proclaimed the one n spelling has been incorrect and possesses the paperwork to prove it.

“There are old brand documents from June 1872 which show Targinnie spelt with two ns,” he said.

Cr Butler can’t be certain, but he suspects the inadvertent dropping of an n from the township’s name back in the early 1900s had been the cause of the angst for all this time.

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