New BITS Saints president Tony Everitt
New BITS Saints president Tony Everitt

It’s been a busy offseason for the BITS Saints Footy Club

AUSSIE RULES: There are more changes at the BITS Saints Football Club with Tony Everitt replacing Andrew McMahon as president.

Young guns re-sign and sign for BITS Saints

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McMahon has been at the helm for seven seasons but stepped down to focus on his business.

He will still be involved in the club and will act as an advisor to the executive.

Everitt admitted he had big shoes to fill but was looking forward to the job.

"I took on the role because of the strong position Andrew has left the club and the fact that he will still be around to bounce ideas off," Everitt said.

"I have worked with Andrew in the capacity of vice-president for the past two years and prior to that was a part of the general committee.

"So I am acutely aware of where we have come from as a club and the direction we need to go to further build on the foundations Andrew has laid."

The rest of the BITS committee is made up of: Jake Mostert as vice-president of commercial operations, Alan Watkin vice-president of football operations, Elaine Humberstone as treasurer and Sam Bradley as secretary.

Everitt and his team are aiming to develop the club's on-field footprint.

"Strengthening our football department is with the aim of bringing some on-field success across both our junior and senior teams," he said.

"(It) is seen as a major priority to further enhance the great work we have been doing off-field over the past few years.

"With the strong work that is currently being done from our football department through to the securing of some of the key off-field roles, our 2020 season is shaping nicely for our club."

Everitt played Aussie Rules as a junior in Brisbane as well as while working in Victoria.

He was a member of the reserves 2014 premiership team before injuries ended his playing career in 2016.

McMahon has left a massive impact on the club with a range of upgraded projects

"I think I have brought a professional approach to the way we run the club and we run it as a business," he said.

"We operate a budget and we expect to raise funds to make more improvements at the facility."

McMahon also led the club to win the AFLQ Club of the Year in 2018 which he said was the most satisfying achievement during his tenure.

"In 2020 I have taken a position on the committee where I will continue to drive smaller unfinished projects," he said.

Andrew McMahon
Andrew McMahon

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