A coffee with... university student Carly Despot

THIS week we have a coffee with full-time university student Carly Despot. 

Name: Carly Despot.

Age: 22.

Occupation: Full-time university student.

How do you take your favourite drink? A nice, cold, crisp beer. Preferably Hahn Super Dry 3.5s because they are low-carb. My absolute favourite beer.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me ... Having a picnic at Spinnaker Park with my partner and out three-year-old fur baby, Bear.

I can't remember the last time ... My mum and I made pancakes together.

When I lived at home we would have a big Sunday morning breakfast.

University student Carly Despot.
University student Carly Despot. Sarah Barnham

Best piece of wisdom I have ever been told ... You will never find the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone else.

I live by this, it's my motto. I used to be the person who tried to look after everyone and put them first, but I realised it was a waste of time - now I try to look after myself first.

Something I can't live without ... Having down time to spend with my friends and family.

If you never have down time, then you will never live a proper life. It's all about balance.

When I feel like splurging I ... Go to Lorna Jane and spend some money. It's my one weakness.

Staying fit and healthy is a passion of mine, so I want to look the part.

Who would play me in a movie about my life? Probably Amy Adams. I just find her so relatable.

In her movies she comes across as so down-to-earth and genuine. She seems to be a very grounded person.

If I couldn't have her, then I would choose Anne Hathaway, I love her as an actor.

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