GMAA action
GMAA action

It’s a first for Gladstone MA club

MARTIAL ARTS: For the first time the Gladstone Martial Arts Academy Brazilian jujitsu students will do their in-house tournament in a sister club in Rockhampton on Saturday.

GMAA and Fight Club BJJ head coach Rob McIntyre began the “in-house” tournaments three years ago in Gladstone.

GMAA action
GMAA action

“I really wanted to get the kids to experience the benefits of jujitsu competition in a much less expensive and a much more positive supportive way,” he said.

“BJJ is an amazing martial art but it is hard, very hard and when you add the intensity of competing to a strange venue, lots of strange people and lots of coaches, parents and teammates screaming – and sometimes not positively either – it just made sense to give the kids a go in a more positive environment.”

McIntyre’s approach has paid dividends with his students bringing home more than 50 gold medals in successive statewide competitions.

This event in Rockhampton will be held for the first time at Unison Martial Arts, home of Fight Club jujitsu in Rockhampton under head coach Ferdie Galguira.

“At this stage it looks like we will have more than 15 kids travelling to Rocky from total beginners to experienced veteran champions like Nate Gourley,” McIntyre said.

This event will be the first of six between the clubs this year – three in Rockhampton and three in Gladstone.

The next Gladstone event will be on March 14 at GMAA.

“We are lucky to have our first sponsor with Hyperfly Australia coming on board for each event and will be giving the Best Performance boy and girl a voucher for special colour grappling rashie,” McIntyre said.

BJJ is a grappling martial art where competitors start on their feet and use throws and takedowns (like Judo and wrestling) and then continue to fight on the ground earning points for dominate position and reversing from top to bottom but also winning with a submission where the opponent taps out to an armlock or choke etc.

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