It all comes out in the wash, except for rusty hair clips

ALL it took was a hair clip or two. I came home from work one evening and found my wife had a problem. A problem with our washing machine.

The machine was full of water and the clothes were still on their wash cycle, but the water wouldn't pump out.

It was a couple of weeks ago and the repair man I knew was away on holiday.

So, it was off down to the laundromat.

I'm not a great fan of laundromats. You never know who has been there before you, and what has been washed.

But we had little choice. Over the course of the weekend it was four pretty full loads of washing, so it had to be done.

Neither of us were keen to hand wash so the laundromat was the next best thing.

On the first day I took a book and read as the two machines powered their way through the clothes.

The following day I took my iPad and wrote my column for the Monday paper.

Along came Tuesday and the repairman was due back from holiday, so I rang bright and early and left a voice message.

After a bit of phone tag we finally caught up late in the afternoon. I explained my dilemma: "It just won't pump," I explained.

"Does it make a noise?" he asked.

"Yes, it's as though something is jammed in the pump."

"Want to try fixing it yourself? It could save you a lot of money."

As I'm fairly mechanically minded I told him I'd give it a go, so he explained the process.

So, I got home that night and followed the notes I had taken down. In less than 10 minutes I had found the problem. It was just so easy.

Three rusty hair clips were extracted from the pipe leading to the pump, and then I could turn the pump shaft, so I had a fair idea all was well.

Five minutes later the pump was back in place, the machine back on the floor and it was moment of truth time.

It worked! All was good and we had no reason to head to the laundromat again.

Thanks heaps Ray. You saved the day.

I think it might be time to have a chat to the ladies of the house. They weren't my hair clips!

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