Man flying the Islamic State flag
Man flying the Islamic State flag

Islamic State issues decree: Kill Australians

Editor's note: This story was published in September 2014

THE Islamic State terrorist group has called on its supporters to kill soldiers and civilians in Australia, the US and Europe.

The speech, the first formal call by Islamic State (IS) for a war against and in the West, was issued by the group's spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani ash-Shami, days after anti-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane.

Those raids sought to disrupt a plot by IS supporters to abduct and kill a random member of the public.

"If you can kill an American or European infidel - especially the spiteful and cursed French - or an Australian or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the infidel fighters ... then rely upon God and kill them in any way possible," al-Adnani said in the speech, which was uploaded to the web as an audio file.

"Do not consult with anyone and do not seek anyone's advice. Whether they are civilian or military, the same ruling applies," he said.

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