Inshore waterways come alive in Gladstone

THIS past week has been sensational in the region for those fishing the inshore waterways.

The crabs have come on, the salmon and grunter are about in good numbers, and there are some good reports of decent (mangrove) jack being caught.

I see Stephen Brodie was up the top end of Curtis this past weekend, and by the looks of his pictures on Gladstone Fishing Network's Facebook page, he did very well.

While talking about that page, the page admin is Eve Malone, and they have posted on there that they are planning another social weekend over at The Oaks, on the weekend of the December 13.

If you need to know any more become a friend of the page, and have a chat with Eve.

The other Facebook page is Gladstone All Things Fishing, where many buy, sell, or exchange fishing, and boating items, around the region.

There is a lot of discussion around at present surrounding the fishing off the new pontoon at the Toolooa boat ramp, and how some folk, who are fishing on there, aren't pulling their gear out of the way, when people are launching or retrieving their boats.

The same problem occurred when we (the Boyne Tannum HookUp committee) put in the Bray Park pontoon, and after many heated exchanges, and some tackle being lost, most finally got the message that it's best to pull their gear out of the way when the facility is being used by boats.

A little bit of common sense usually works.

Leading into the full moon lunar cycle the tidal run is increasing and today we have a 4m-plus high tide around 9am and low tide later in the day of less than 1m.

All this means is that the in-between high and low tides for the next few days will make the currents very strong, especially around structures like Tide Island, and through the Gut.

Those wanting to chase the bottom feeders really should be looking to fishing the first and last hour at the top and bottom of each tide, otherwise start flicking some lures around those back eddies behind the rocks and snags where ambush feeders sit and wait for lunch to go past.

Have a real good look at an area you want to fish and think about where the fish might be rather than casting "willy nilly" around that area in search of something which may not be there.

Have a look at some of the bait fish which you will see from time to time flicking up near the surface and choose a lure which is close to that size and look.

Surface lures like bib-less tango dancers, walk the dogs, or small surface poppers will attract those ambush fish like jack, flathead, bream and even the odd whiting.

There's ones out there called a vibe, and they are a tiny lure, but the bream, whiting, and jack just love them as the send out a racket under water. A real head turner.

Other ones like the krawn, or something which resembles a local prawn, are very successful.

This weekend we have a front coming through, and hopefully it won't ruin BAM, which is on tomorrow down at the Millennium Esplanade at Tannum Sands.

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