BEING an industrial player in the Gladstone region is about more than scoring good numbers.

It is about making sure your business has a positive impact on the community. That is the view of MIPEC chief executive Steve Beale.

Mr Beale says if a business can create solid employment, and produce a product that will be known for its quality rather than its price, that is a good start to establishing a place in Gladstone's intense industrial landscape.

Mr Beale has been nominated for two awards at the RBS Morgans Gala dinner to mark the end of this week's Golding Industry Conference.

There are only a handful of nominations across three categories, and the list includes such respected names as Bob McCosker, Colin Walz and Terry Purcell.

Last year's inaugural Hall of Fame inductee was the great Cyril Golding.

All those names are synonymous with the creation of an awesome tradition in Gladstone and that tradition is not lost on Mr Beale.

He said those people had shown the way in combining industrial success with community values.

"The likes of what Cyril Golding did, the Walz's, the McCoskers, you can be guided by the things they did," he said.

MIPEC has been one of the local sector's best operators during the LNG boom, but Mr Beale said the jury was still out on whether that boom would leave Gladstone a better place.

"Only time will tell," he said. Either way, he says Gladstone is clearly a changed city.

There are all sorts of pressures on industrial players to do the right thing socially in the Gladstone region at the moment, but Mr Beale agrees the region's home-grown operators have a very different kind of pressure, in a positive sense.

After all, when the projects are completed, they and their families will still want to walk down the main street.

Mr Beale talks about basic philosophies such as life after the LNG boom, the need to focus on long term employees and the importance of making sure any product you attach your name to is the best quality possible.

Many of those ingredients will be discussed at the Golding Industry Conference, which comes to Gladstone tomorrow and Thursday.

MIPEC does a bit of everything, including marine, industrial and port services. They also manufacture and operate marine vessels.

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