Greens MLC David Shoebridge found support from ICAC in his campaign against some proposed planning law changes.
Greens MLC David Shoebridge found support from ICAC in his campaign against some proposed planning law changes. Trevor Veale

LETTER: In the firing line

DAVID Shoebridge has effectively given criminal gangs a list of hotspot towns to target and done nothing to prevent the real problem which is illegal firearms being manufactured or imported illegally into the country.

The Greens, along with Gun Control Australia, have been on the attack ever since the media release of the Adler shotgun which showed the new lever action in 10% of the video along with all their semi-automatic range of shotguns for the rest of the video.

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The Adler A110 lever action seven shot was never a problem with current gun laws; being a lever action it's a category A firearm.

Samantha Lee from Gun Control Australia has been falsely claiming this firearm is a high-capactiy, high-powered Semi Automatic ever since the importer Nioa released the media clip to advertise the A110.

The media has gone mental following this topic and not followed up on any factual information at all related to the weapon, which was imported only as a five-shot for the meantime as the current temporary ban is on the importation of a seven-shot.

The seven-shot was never illegal nor new technology; lever action rifles and shotguns have been floating around in the firearms community for well over 130 years.

Samantha Lee and David Shoebridge both need to be held accountable for wasting taxpayers' time and money, not to mention vilifying every law-abiding firearm owner in Australia, filling the papers and news with slanderous lies and allegations that us law abiding owners are all criminals in waiting.

We are being demonised on a daily basis by media outlets and these extremist groups. What have they done to actually prevent gun related crime. Nothing!

Police statistics already show and have revealed that less then 2% of stolen firearms account for the firearms in crime. That leaves the other 98% from illegal weapons that were never on the register due to being illegally manufactured, imported or not handed in during the 1996 buy back.

John Howard might have removed semi automatics and automatic firearms from the public but spent millions in the process and has failed all Australians in doing so by only punishing law-abiding owners.

New Zealand gun laws still allow these firearms and they don't have any problems with gun related crimes with these semi automatic or automatic firearms, why because the law abiding owners are sensible and keep them locked up securely.

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All David Shoebridge, The Greens, Samantha Lee and Gun Control Australia have done is angered the firearm Industry, wasted taxpayers' dollars and played on emotional fears of people who otherwise wouldn't even care about firearms, let alone held or shot one.

Now seeing the media can't seem to publish there own stories with factual information, I invite you publish this as it's well above the standard of any journalism in the last 12 months about the launch of yet just another legal lever action firearm.

Colin Wigg, Seelands

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