Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street.

Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer Brenda Strong GLA281013CORT

IN COURT: 77 people set to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day, a number of people appear in Gladstone court on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, August 19.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.

Angel, Leonie Angela

Antoniolli, Amanda Lorraine

Arndt, Craig Andrew

Baldwin, Reece Noel

Beeston, Tracey Maree

Bezuidenhout, Michelle Evelyn

Bishop, Rhys James

Bristow, Damian Leonard

Brown, David Aaron

Brown, Thomas Anthony

Charles, Mary Elizabeth

Cullen, Trent Stanley

Dalgairns, Michelle

Delphin, Susan Elizabeth

Demarco, James George

Donohue, Damien

Doyle, Shayna Maud Gloria

Doyle, Tamika Louise

Duffy, Jeanie Laurie

Dwyer, Steven Allan

Emery, Narinda

Ezekiela, Brodie Rae

Fisher, Candice Eleise Leigh Maree

Fisher, Gwen Martha

Fisk, Charles Augustus

Frankland, Mark Andrew

Garritty, Jason Sean

Gibson, Trevor Clint

Glover, Travis

Gordon, Dennis George

Grech, Scott David

Gumbleton, Jeremy Edward

Hagedorn, Sonia Lee

Hollingsworth, Josiah Richard

Jensen, Edwina Martha

Johnson, Lisa

Johnson, Minnie Ellen

Johnston, Vicky Lee

Kangan, Corey Troy

Kummerfeld, Peter William

Leisha, John Andrew

Lingard, Dylan James

Lucht, Nicholas John

Mcgrath, Chloe Maree

Mckay, Darcy James

Miller, Christopher Lloyd

Morris, Daniel James

Moucheron Franicevic, Tayla Leigh

Munns, Matthew John

Nichols, Jenny-Anne,

Oakley, Cameron Leslie

O'Donnell, Kelly Rayda

Payne, Shaun Ronald

Peirce, Meegan Lee

Phillips, Peter James

Poggi, Ryan Glenn

Popp, Joshua

Pryor, Jermaine Robert Roland

Rawlins, Danny Michael

Robbins, Anthony

Russo, Jamie Peter

Ryan, Tara Leigh

Sawley, Beau Angus

Smith, Kirsty-Lee

Stevens, Lorren Airley

Stodart, Ricky Leigh

Taylor, Daniel Walter

Thomas, Kerry Eileen

Thorogood, Troy Desmond

Turner, Jaime Troy

Walsh, Cassandra Margaret

Warren, Paul John

Wells, Levi Peter

Whalan, Ellen Jane

Wickham, Colin Brent

Williams, Kade Michael

Yowyeh, Lynnette Lacey

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