Gladstone Courthouse. picVanessa/Hunter
Gladstone Courthouse. picVanessa/Hunter

IN COURT: 77 people listed to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day, a number of people appear in Gladstone court on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, September 16.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.

Gladstone Magistrates Court

Abbott, Mark

Adams, Jason Walter

Andrews, Tijana Leigh

Angel, Leonie Angela

Asse, Shaun Gabrail

Bezuidenhout, Michelle Evelyn

Bishop, Rhys James

Blunt, Boe-Daniel Lanard

Bourke, Brendon Michael

Brydon, Storme Melina

Charles, Mary Elizabeth

Chidgey, Brett Conrad

Demarco, James George

Dennis, Mervyn John

Dwyer, Steven Allan

Fisher, Candice Eleise Leigh Maree

Fisher, Gwen Martha

Ford, Scott Anthony

Franicevic, Tony Ralph

Gardner, Marie,

Ghee, Oral Eujene Wya

Gordon, Dennis George

Gordon, Mark Leslie

Gosbee, Schernice Pamela

Gould, Troy Peter

Grant, Michael James

Harrison, Christel Keitha

Henderson, Troy William

Hill, Joshua Allan

Hoffman, Brodie Hans

Hollands, Aaron Gordon Wiremu

Hollis, Benjamin James

Isaacs, Neville

Jackson, Corey Ian Lawrence

Johnson, Jeffery David

Jurd, Clint Bernie Michael

Leaton, Claudia Mae

Lukai, Winni Meloni

Maki, Toko-Harieta

Matthews, Darren Ian

Mcalister-Cook, Kayley Jo

Mcdonald, Kym Leanne

Mcgrath, Chloe Maree

Medley, Glen George

Miles, Clayton Ryan

Miller, Christopher Lloyd

Morris, Daniel James

Oakley, Cameron Leslie

Porter, Ryan Lee

Radunz, Bryce Anthony

Randolph, Graham Levi

Redshaw, Sy Vincent

Robbins, Anthony

Roberts, Harry Graham

Ryan, Aaron Thomas John

Ryan, Clayton James

Sam, Arnold

Shepherd, John Edward

Short, Krystal Maree

Smith, Nicola Kristie

Sopeer, Rachel Kim

Stanley, Timothy John

Sten, John William

Steven, Aleah Rae

Stibbards, Anthony David

Stone, Leigh Wayne

Thorogood, Troy Desmond

Timms, Daniel Robert

Vock, Hayden Jon

Wade, Tawera Ntini

Wakeling, Christopher James

Whalan, Ellen Jane

Wheeler, Jordan Andrew

Williams, Adam Lee

Williams, Kade Michael

Wood, Steven Keith

Yowyeh, Lynnette Lacey

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