Gladstone Courthouse, Gladstone.
Gladstone Courthouse, Gladstone.

IN COURT: 68 people listed to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day, a number of people appear in Gladstone court on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, November 12.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.

Aberdeen, Byron Phillip, Mr

Andrews, Bradley James Graham

Andrews, Tijana Leigh

Banthuam, Emily

Barkle, Allan James

Barton, Alexandra Kirrilly,

Berry, Tania Marie,

Bezuidenhout, Michelle Evelyn

Bligh, Cruz Keith

Boon, Brian John, Mr

Boyd, Daniel Keith

Burns, Jury Tamati Henare, Mr

Canavan, Benjamin Michael

Carr, Courtney

Clunes, Mackenzie Rhiannon

Cook, Mitchell Elywen

Craney, Rhys Miles

Cross, Mark Gary Albert

Elliott, Nicole Suzanne, Miss

Geddes, Ashley Ian

Gill, Dylan Jake

Gill, Peter Lesley

Gould, Troy Peter, Mr

Granzien, Tre Anthony

Harris, Nathan Buddy

Harwood, Jayden Paul

Haughton, Amanda Jade

Hennessy, Dale John

Holborow, Shayla Jay

Hollis, Benjamin James

Koppensteiner, Beau Luke, Mr

Lane, Cameron Peter, Mr

Loakes, Ben, Mr

Macdonald, Angus Alexander

Martin, Blake Fredrick

Matthews, Darren Ian

Mcgrath, Dallas John

Mcgregor, Timothy David Lewis

Mckavanagh, Daniel James, Mr

Mctackett, Tracey Lee, Mrs

Medley, Glen George, Mr

Menzies, Shane Douglas

Moore, Ryan James

Patterson, Kenneth James

Pavlov, Lee Durham

Pershouse, Matthew James

Redgate, Boaz Anne

Reese, Nathan Kurtis

Rodgers, Deanna Claire

Schoeck, Mark Peter

Schrader, Jason Clive, Mr

Shackelford, Bruce Stephen

Sheffield, Peter Thomas Adrian, Mr

Short, Gareth Douglas, Mr

Simpson, Paul Michael

Smith, Kirsty-Lee

Smith, Shayne Andrew, Mr

Spencer, Aaron John

Strachan, Joshua Gabe, Mr

Thomas, Jemah May

Thomsen, Katie Ruth, Miss

Thomson, Edward James, Mr

Tilley, Brianna, Ms

Welch, Michael William,

Wheeler, Jordan Andrew

Widgell, Daniel Cecil

Williams, Kade Michael

Williams, Richard Keith Benjamin

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