Gladstone Court House. Courthouse.
Gladstone Court House. Courthouse. Matt Taylor

IN COURT: 56 people set to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day, a number of people appear in Gladstone court on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, August 13.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.

Barrett, Georgina Nicole

Berry, Tod

Boyd, Daniel Keith

Brierly, Saige Louise

Campbell, Hunter James

Carbery, Logan Charles Steven

Carter, Christina Gaye

Crosswell, Zachary Paul Linsday

Devine, Jamie Gerard

Du Pre Chamier, Andrew Colin

Earl, Corey Mason

Evans, Alichia May

Ezekiela, Cree-Elizabeth Marcia

Fields, Daniel Scott

Flett, Luke Robert

Gordon, Mark Leslie

Griffin, Olivia May

Hansen, John David

Hartshorn, Brett Andrew

Hennessy, Lisa Maureen

Hennessy Sean Jarrad

Howard, Shaun Peter

Johns, Christopher Stephen

Komara, Kafala

Lansdown, Justice Naomi

Lark, Jodie Colleen,

Marra, Christopher Gerard

Martin, Taryn Jane

Mcnamara, Trent Ryan

Mctackett, Tracey Lee

Moore, Ryan James

Moore, Stephen John

Moroney, Logan Morris

Nisbet, Tanya Gayle

O'Brien, Katy Myree

Parks, Alana Maree

Radunz, Bryce Anthony

Randolph, Graham Levi

Rawlins, Danny Michael

Redgate, Boaz Anne

Redshaw, Sy Vincent

Renton-Power, William Martin

Robertson, Samantha Mary

Ryan, Shane Allan

Saunders, Robert James

Smith, Bobbie-Lee Leiza Smith

Sopeer, Rachel Kim,

Stubbs, Magen Lynn

Tomljenovic, Stacey Renee

Turnbull, Mitchell

Welch, Michael William,

Wellman, Jason Lloyd

Willis, Craig Michael

Yarrow, Christopher John,

Yow Yeh, Jodene Lorraine

Zielke, Trevor Douglas

Prison escapee faces the courts after week on the run

premium_icon Prison escapee faces the courts after week on the run

The 26-year-old escaped from police custody at Rockhampton Hospital

Resort set for rejection at today's council meeting

premium_icon Resort set for rejection at today's council meeting

The development has been in the pipeline for years.

DAY 2: Lowmead fire still burning

premium_icon DAY 2: Lowmead fire still burning

Firefighters will continue to strengthen containment lines.