Gladstone Courthouse.
Gladstone Courthouse.

IN COURT: 25+ people listed to appear in Gladstone today

EACH day, a number of people appear in Gladstone court on a range of different charges and matters.

Here is a list of everyone who has been listed to appear in court today, September 25.

NOTE: This list is updated every day.


Atkins, Benjamin Rory

Beutel, Jayk Barlow

Beutel, Jayk Barlow

Brown, Morgan Tamati

Crowe, Richard

Crowe, Richard Hans

Edwards, James Joshua

Greenham, Lucas Hayden

Hargreaves, Brett Leslie

Hughes, Colin Charles

Lewis, Christopher John

Moucheron Franicevic, Tayla Leigh

Osborne, Joshua

Osborne, Joshua Brian

Prescott, Branden John Hedley, Mr

Richards, Dylan Jayden

Rudd, Shannon Michael, Mr

Rudd, Shannon Michael, Mr

Short, Gareth Douglas, Mr

Stewart, Kristopher Zaine

Syphers, Lee Raymond

Thomas, Suellen

Thornton, Catherine Rhonda

Tumai, Matthew Kimiora

Walsh, Wayne Michael

Wilson, Tamika Adelaide Jean, Miss

THE DEBATE: So who won it?

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Retail worker showed police to his homemade bong

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Harrison Andrew Michael Bulow appeared in court this week.