UPDATE: RSPCA ask for help with dead dogs investigation

UPDATE APRIL 29: Four mastiff cross pups found dead at Glen Isla is still being investigated.  

"It's very difficult being such a remote location," RSPCA Mackay Inspector Natalie Aitken said.

"It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon so if anyone had knocked off early and gone down fishing and seen anything please contact us."  

Anyone with any information that might assist with investigations should contact the RSPCA on 1300 264 625. 

Abandonment is a series breach of the animal care and protection act and could incur fines up to $30 000 and/or jail time. 


UPDATE: A team from the Mackay RSPCA last Friday afternoon attended the site at Glen Isla and made enquiries about the four mastiff cross pups found dead on Thursday. 

Natalie Aitken of the RSPCA is heading the investigation and said because one of the animals was left alive there has been a contravention of the Animal Care and Protection Act.

The RSPCA is working closely with the Whitsunday Regional Council and on Friday took possessions of the dead puppies for the purpose of an autopsy to be carried out in Mackay.

She wouldn't comment on how the puppies had been killed but did say the RSPCA has received a number of calls from the public.

"It's a small community and everyone has a different opinion, obviously the more information we have will hopefully lead us in the right direction," she said.

"We continue to urge people with any information to contact the 1300 animal number."

The number to call if you have any information about the puppies is 1300 264 625.

The Facebook user who drew attention to the death of the puppies, Mat Willow, said he understood the RSPCA had identified a residence at Glen Isla which did have puppies matching the description of the ones killed on Thursday.

"Have also been informed RSPCA and police were seen at a house investigating. Have had no luck in contacting the inspector to confirm," he wrote on Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Sell Swap & Buy.

The RSPCA wouldn't comment on this possibility.

Proserpine Police said no charges had been laid and they are assisting the RSPCA in their investigation. 

The Facebook post has gone viral, many expressing their anger and some re-posting the original image of the dead puppies abandoned a road-side puddle. 


SOCIAL media lit up last night after a member of a buy swap and sell site posted an image that depicted four dead dogs lying in bush land near Glen Isla Road in Proserpine.

The Facebook account of Mat Willow was posted to the Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Sell, Swap & Buy site at about 4.30 pm.  

He said in the post "to the low life mongrel who dumped these beautiful puppies...You left one still alive".  

The administrator of the page took the post down within 15 minutes but not before the Facebook community had expressed their ire.

Mr Willow took the dogs to the Whitsunday Regional Council who disposed of the 14-week-old mastiff cross pups.  

The one surviving dog "was too weak and had to be put down," Mr Willow said in a follow up post which also apologised for the graphic nature of the original post - an apology not deemed necessary by the hundreds of outraged residents it had reached.   


The post that appeared on Facebook yesterday afternoon.
The post that appeared on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

The second post by Mr Willow now has more than 165 comments.  

The RSPCA in Mackay has been informed.

Regional Inspector Natalie Aitken said she was investigating and would be follow any leads that could lead to the discovery of whoever was responsible.  

She added, "No formal complaint has been made (but) obviously as the inspector I am aware of the animals being dumped."

"We have no further information and we are encouraging the public to contact us with information," she said.

Mr Willow said there was no obvious injury to the pups but he suspected they had been poisoned.

 "The one that was still alive was kind of was funny. Half of it body was in rigor mortis already but it was still moving its arm around and still warm," he said. 

Anyone with information regarding the death of the dogs as asked to contact Natalie Aitken of the RSPCA in Mackay on 4944 1726.  

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