WATCH: Mayor Gail Sellers 'hurt and disappointed'

IT'S STILL early but with votes tumbling in from across the region a glum Mayor Gail Sellers was resigned to the fact that she had lost the mayoral election.

In reaction to hearing that deputy mayor Matt Burnett was out polling her "two to one" in West Gladstone, Mayor Sellers said: "I'm finished".

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"West is my home base and if I've lost West I'm gone," she said.

"I'd call it now. It's over. I can't see me coming back from here."

Going into today Mayor Sellers felt she had a 50/50 chance of taking out the top spot but after the first polling booth had been counted in Agnes Water, which saw deputy mayor Matt Burnett take just over 60% of the vote, Mayor Sellers didn't hold much hope.

"I think the biggest problem was that I didn't tell the people of Gladstone what I have done for the region," Mayor Sellers said.

"It's very hard to do when you're running a campaign by yourself and also still mayor so I probably haven't put as much time into the campaign as I should have but I'm still happy with how it went."

After a difficult campaign which saw Mayor Seller's deputy mayor throw his hat into the ring, she said as a whole the campaign had been "relatively clean".

I'm going to spend some time relaxing, maybe get the house in order and then volunteer

"There was a lot of things that went on behind the scenes that I wasn't aware of," she said.

Mayor Sellers did not want to go into detail about what went on because she didn't want it to sound like "sour grapes".

With a belief that she had lost the election, Mayor Sellers had no message or advice for Mr Burnett.

After serving together for 16 years, Mayor Sellers said her and deputy mayor Burnett's relationship had been excellent prior to the election.

When asked if she would sit down and have a coffee with Mr Burnett Mayor Sellers said she would not.

"I'm too hurt and too disappointed in him," she said.

"It's because of the way he decided to run against me when we had an agreement we wouldn't run against each other."

Mayor Sellers said regardless of the result she was going to enjoy the night with her supporters at the Gladstone Bowles Club.

As she turned from the election and pondered her future, she said she was going to look forward to spending more time with her family.

The mayor was happy with what she had achieved over her five years in power and singled out the development of Kirkwood Rd as major highlight.

"I'm going to spend some time relaxing, maybe get the house in order and then volunteer," she said.

THREE key achievements

  • Bringing Aldi to town
  • Securing the 2017 LGAQ Conference for Gladstone
  • Establishing the Youth Council

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