Be aware of identity theft

ANTHEA Wright turned over a new leaf last year when she defied all odds and overcame her auto-immune disease that confined her to a wheelchair from the age of 16.

Now walking – something she never thought she would do – she has had another major setback, this time in the form of identity theft.

Ms Wright has been allegedly impersonated by an unknown person on a popular chat site where her identity was the subject of derogatory and sexual comments, racial slurs and malicious abuse.

Comments posted under Ms Wright’s name and photo were in the nature of sexual favours to other users and abusive remarks about other users.

Ms Wright’s father, Kerry Wright, has been deeply saddened by the events that have taken place and, though he is legally unsure of the person behind this, he has a fair idea.

Mr Wright, a successful writer and publisher, was recently the subject of copyright fraud when his books were illegally sold over the internet.

The person responsible for the selling of Mr Wright’s books has been in contact with him on over 40 occasions by email and by letter, each time using a different identity.

The emails and letters are all of a similar nature – constantly mocking Mr Wright on his efforts to stop him from selling his books illegally.

“You know that it must be getting to you, knowing that you have been to the Police, Government Departments, Copyright Department, Legal Office, Attorney General’s Department, AFP, Local Federal Member, and whoever else but nothing has been done nor can they do anything to help you. I think you are loosing the plot. You need to take a bex powder and give yourself an upper cut,” one of the e-mail’s read.

Many of the other emails written by the unknown sender include snide and smug remarks.

He is constantly insinuating that Mr Wright has mental issues, that he is doing nothing wrong and the law will never stop him from doing what he is doing.

Mr Wright is adamant on the issue and promises to do everything in his power to bring justice to his daughter and himself.

“If I can’t obtain the correct identities, I will be taking the matter to court and suing the chat site for defamation,” Mr Wright said.

“I cannot allow further defamation and malicious abuse to continue to my family.”

Mr Wright has also informed The Observer that it is not just his family which has been targeted by this person, as he has heard of other cases.

“I can’t understand how he can continue to abuse so many people for so many years and not be stopped,” Mr Wright said.

If anyone has any information regarding this specific case, or any other identity theft or cyber abuse, they are urged to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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