EARLY CALL-UP: Geoffrey Francis admitted to drug supply charges.
EARLY CALL-UP: Geoffrey Francis admitted to drug supply charges.

Ice deal before school drop off

ICE dealer and tattoo artist Geoffrey Francis was contacted before dawn by a dad desperately wanting methylamphetamine delivered before the morning school run.

An appalled Ipswich Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said that this need so early in the morning was sadly indicative of why the community was so against drugs.

Geoffrey Russell Francis, 35, from Gatton, a heavily tattooed man, appeared in the dock of Ipswich District Court and pleaded guilty to three Crown charges - supplying schedule 1 dangerous drugs on March 7, 2018; possessing dangerous drugs; and possessing anything for use in the commission of a drug crime.

Francis, a father of two, pleaded guilty to lesser charges of possession of drug utensils; using a vehicle with registration plates taken from another motor vehicle; fraud; driving unlicensed; and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

In the Crown prosecution case, senior legal officer Cecelia Bernardin said police had his Gatton home under surveillance and intercepted his car on the driveway at 7.15am.

Francis was unlicensed and the registration plates had been taken from another car.

A glass pipe drug utensil was found under the dashboard and two clip-seal bags held methylamphetamine.

Francis also had digital scales and $200 cash.

His mobile phone was forensically examined and held text messages from the day before and very early that morning.

It was from a Laidley man, and a dad, who wrote - "Hey bro how much longer I'm ready for a nap. I only got 200 on me bro got rest @ home".

He then texted that he had to take children to school.

The drug was supplied to the man at 5.30am.

Ms Bernardin said the two amounts of ice Francis had included 3.691 grams (42.6% pure methylamphetamine), and 0.395 grams (48.7% purity) - a total pure weight of 1.596 grams.

Judge Horneman-Wren said the text messages found were made just after 4am that morning, and the previous day.

They related to the supply of $400 worth of ice.

He noted the criminal history of Francis included convictions for drug offences, failing to stop for police, possession of counterfeit money, and assaulting police.

The offences before him also included breached parole and a probation order.

Francis had received previous jail terms and had an "appalling" traffic history.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas outlined his upbringing, how his father died when in jail, and Francis' own son tragically died while his dad was in jail.

"The community deplores such conduct; the casual sale of meth on our streets," Judge Horneman-Wren said.

"The man you supplied methylamphetamine to... The text messages were at 4.07am and he was looking to score meth before taking his child to school.

"This is one of the reasons that rather sadly encapsulates why the community deplores the sale of these drugs."

Judge Horneman-Wren took into account that Francis had spent 11 months in jail.

Francis was sentenced to 18 months jail and to lesser concurrent terms.

He can begin his application for parole from May 8.

Already disqualified from driving until 2021, his driver's licence was disqualified for three years.

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