HE CHASED a 74-year-old man, bashed a teenager, and threw a chunk of concrete through a car windscreen, but Scott Schubring might yet get home for Christmas dinner.

The 33-year-old blamed ice for his attack on a 16-year-old outside shops.

Police prosecutor Bronson Ballard told Ipswich Magistrates Court that Schubring had an appalling criminal history.

Scott William Schubring, from Boonah, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to two counts of assault causing bodily harm; wilful damage; two counts of committing public nuisance and contravening a police requirement.

The court heard that on November 30, last year, Schubring verbally abused and assaulted a stranger who parked his car beside a vacant lot.

"He chased after him, pushed him to the ground," Mr Ballard said.

Mr Ballard also showed CCTV footage of an incident in a shopping centre on January 18 when a teenager was bashed and kicked by Schubring.

Mr Ballard described how blood pooled beneath his head and people came to assist the injured teen.

The teen's head struck concrete and split open when he fell to the ground.

He suffered a split lip and facial fracture.

Defence lawyer Claire Greer-Wilson said Schubring attended school in Boonah and finished his senior studies later while in jail.

Schubring said he'd smoked ice between 2013 and 2107.

Magistrate Robert Walker revealed the elderly man Schubring chased and pushed to the ground was 74, and there was no reason for the attack.

Mr Walker took into account Schubring's 11 pages of criminal history.

He was sentenced to a total of 18 months' jail, and must pay $250 compensation for the smashed car windscreen.

He will be eligible for parole from November 18.

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