‘I won’t run for mayor’: Peter Corones

PETER Corones has shocked even his own wife, declaring that he will not run for council in March.

Speaking with this paper yesterday he said there had been some truth to the rumours --- that, yes, he had considered taking a shot at Mayor --- but had decided it wasn't his time.

The former Gladstone City Mayor said he felt "torn", but ultimately unable to commit.

Peter Corones won’t be running for mayor in the March election.
Peter Corones won’t be running for mayor in the March election.

Mr Corones currently runs his own business, an accommodation centre at Barney Point, holds a board position with Gladstone Ports Corporation and CQ University and is involved with Gladstone Area Group Apprenticeships Ltd.

"The fact is the position of mayor is a full time job and one that requires absolute commitment," Mr Corones said.

>>UPDATED: Whose name will be on the ballot paper in March?

"I've already given 20 years of my life to local government and I am now doing things that are different for a change.

"It's time some of Gladstone's strong, successful business people --- you know who you are --- stood up and offered their time."

Craig Butler, who stood against Gail Sellers in the 2012 election, also confirmed yesterday that he wouldn't stand as councillor or mayor, but wouldn't comment further than that. Mayor Gail Sellers and her current right hand man, Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett, are so far the only two to declare their intention to nominate.

Nominations won't open until the returning officer Mark Larney calls for them; that's expected to take place in February.

Planning to nominate? Let us know, phone our newsroom on 4970 3000.

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