OPINION: Enough! Stop bullying our political leaders

I GET very upset when the public berate our representatives to Parliament in both Queensland and the Federal arena.

I think the public have been fooled by the false news distributed by the media. No up front lies but so many deception by omission.

I listened to ABC radio on the pension debate and they did not mention at any stage that a large number of battlers got extra.

I'll leave my distaste for the ABC political wing for now.

For the defence of our representatives I think the whingers should try the workload they have to put up with.

Let's see if Joe Blow wants to enter parliament, he or she needs to to be available to attend parliament a considerable distance away from home for part of the year and then be available 365 days for comment and community events.

Oh I forgot the family and relatives are included in your family group when you enter parliament.

This can be amplified if the media hate your platform.

What should happen to ensure we get a good representative, is they are paid above the commercial rates and have no extra benefits that a normal business man would be able to claim as an expense.

J Hickey, Gladstone

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