‘I cracked it, punched her’: Dad regrets his violent blows

AFTER 100 days in jail to regret his angry outburst and the nasty punches he delivered to his lady's face, a repentant Gladstone dad says he will get help for his anger.

His partner refused to tell police what he did to her but the 42-year-old man was honest and direct saying: "I cracked it and punched her. I don't recall how many, I blacked out."

He also appeared before Gladstone Magistrates Court charged over an angry outburst involving his former wife after he ran into her by chance in East Shores with her boyfriend.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of contravening Domestic Violence Protection Orders; and unlawful assault in December; and obstructing a police officer and driving without due care on January 17.

Magistrate Mark Morrow sentenced him to 15 months jail for the assault; three months for the assault on his ex-wife's boyfriend; and six months for a breach of his Domestic Violence Order.

With time served already in jail he was immediately released on parole.

"You punch her again, hit her, you will spend a very long time in custody. It won't be 100 days," Mr Morrow warned.

"You don't hit her do you?"

"No," the man said.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said it was the man's voluntary admissions to police who went to his house that led to the charges.

"There is no statement from her. She says it never happened," Mr Reece said.

However, officers saw redness and swelling to her face.

In agreed police facts the man had been in East Shores at 9pm just days before Christmas when he saw his former wife and their child out with her boyfriend.

He walked over yelling and arguing aggressively, and encouraged the man to fight him.

When his former wife tried to stop the argument he had thrown something which caused her to stumble. He then punched the boyfriend in the head and the child ran off crying.

Mr Reece stated that on January 17 at 7.50am police saw the man driving a 4WD and followed with flashing lights to intercept him.

The driver braked heavily causing the back wheels to lock up and smoke to pour from the rear tyres.

Police stopped before colliding with his vehicle. He then accelerated away but stopped in a nearby street.

When police told him to get out he yelled at them aggressively and refused to exit.

When told he was under arrest he refused to move onto the footpath and because of his aggressive behaviour one officer produced a Taser.

He then lay face down on the grass and handcuffed.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said the assault in the park happened when he came across them completely by chance.

"He took exception that his ex-wife and new partner were drinking alcohol. His child was there and he was concerned," she said.

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