Opinion: I can see clearly now the cataracts are gone

"NOT much more I can do for that eye. Doubt it would pass a driving medical," said the optometrist.

The best he could do was pretty ordinary. I still couldn't see the letters on the light board clearly, especially out of the right eye.

He pulled out a special light and had a look through the problem eye, sat back and said, "There's a cataract in there. That's the problem."

Then, a similar look in the left eye showed there was a cataract there as well.

I had heard of cataract surgery, and believed that it was a damned expensive exercise, which made me feel quite downcast given that we had no medical insurance to cover such things.

However, the optometrist showed me a list of charges, and I received a relatively pleasant surprise.

While still a lot of money, it wasn't going to empty the bank account to the point where we'd be eating bread and dripping for months.

Today it's just over two weeks since the first eye was fixed, and the second one was done three or four days ago. I think it's a bit interesting that I have had work glasses since I was in my 20s. Now I'm in my late 60s and I have 20/20 vision in the right eye and the left will be at that stage in a few days' time.

I could wander around without glasses for the rest of my life, apart from reading when I will need a correcting lens.

I can't believe the difference this operation has made. Whereas before I would tend to see things slightly double, everything now is sharp and crisp.

Thanks Brian for finding the problem; thanks Dr David for fixing it. Hope I wasn't too much of a nuisance!

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