'I am watching': Eerie message to 'creepy clowns'

AS A Facebook page dedicated to spreading the "Clown Purge" phenomenon in Queensland warned the creepy costumed creatures would appear on the Sunshine Coast, one mystery local has an eerie message for the costumed creatures creating fear.

The unknown local, who sent a strong message for creepy clowns to the Sunshine Coast Daily anonymously, said he couldn't "stay silent any longer".

In the frightening message he has warned he will "stop", "restrain" and "report" creepy clowns to police.

"This is my message to any and all clowns that think they can terrorise this community: I am watching, I am waiting, I am everywhere," the anonymous man wrote.

"The joke stops here. This is one community member who's not going to put up with it, not going to be frightened of it, and not going to hesitate in going about his normal business, but I will stop you, I will restrain you and I will report you to the authorities.

"End this damaging behaviour before it escalates."

The message was sent hours after the Daily reported followers of the Clown Purge Qld Facebook page were planning to make an appearance on the Sunshine Coast in the early hours of the morning.

In another post on the page - whether a joke or not - administrators warned people against clown hunting.

"You are the ones been hunted, we watch you and we know where you are at all times so triple think about what you say because when you go clown hunting you might come home and find your little sister, niece, daughter missing," it read.

The anonymous writer to the Daily said he wanted the people of the Sunshine Coast to know that "someone is out on the streets at night, watching, protecting and defending Sunshine Coast citizens".

Earlier in the week Sunshine Coast District Superintendent Darryl Johnson said he was concerned the types of actions associated with the "Clown Purge" could "lead to some pretty disastrous consequences".

"It creates fear amongst the community and some people who are a little bit vulnerable may react and an incident occurs," he said.

A statement from Queensland Police earlier in the week, police warned that officers "will not tolerate anyone engaging in intimidating or anti-social behaviour".

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