Stephen Wayne Robson.
Stephen Wayne Robson.

Hundreds sign petition to relocate released murderer

MORE than 300 people have signed a petition to have convicted murderer Stephen Wayne Robson either returned to prison or removed from the Central Queensland community. 

Robson was recently released from the Capricornia Correctional Centre after serving 15 years of his life sentence for the murder of Rockhampton woman Lara Ashcroft in 2001. 

News of Robsons release angered the Central Queensland community, especially residents living in and around the Emerald region, where Robson is now living. 

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The petition, which will be delivered to Rockhampton based Minister for Corrective Service Bill Byrne, was started by Lara's mum last week and so far has 372 signatures. 

"Today I plead with the public of Central Queensland to please sign this petition," Lara's mum said. 

"I am seeking to have Stephen Wayne Robson who is a 57-year-old convicted murderer returned to prison or taken out of the CQ community.

"He is now free from prison after serving only 15 years of his life sentence for brutally murdering my beautiful daughter Lara Michelle Ashcroft on the 7th April 2001.

Lara Ashcroft
Lara Ashcroft


"He is now residing in the community of Emerald QLD.

"I believe the decision made by the parole board to release this prisoner and relocate him in the community of Emerald, is unfair as it is only a few hours away from Rockhampton.

"The impact of the decision they made is totally unjustified for the victim's family, friends and the community.

"It's unacceptable and emotionally draining on any person connected to this outcome.

"I am seeking to have this decision revoked by the minister and to have him relocated to a more secured environment to finish his life sentence.

"The killer who murdered our Lara, Stephen Robson stands free.

"I will never be a winner or our family, her friends or anyone that knew her for the beautiful lady she was.

"Our Lara will never be returned to us, but my fight will go on until I can't go any further with this.

"The release of this prisoner has just extended my hurt as the day she was murdered, I am emotionally and physically trying to survive this ordeal, I pray that the decision is overturned and the community can be at peace." 

You can sign the petition here.

Comments on the petition

  • Nikkii Tobler: Because he is a monster who took a beautiful loving caring young woman in the prime of her life ! Life should mean life ! If the world has to live without Lara then the world should also have to live without this threat ! Her family should not have to live in fear of seeing this monster ever again !! He should never have been released ! He planned his crime he planned to take her life and she was not the only young woman he terrorised ! Does he have to violently Murder someone else for someone to do something to keep him locked up for LIFE !!!!
  • Alana Sendonas: I want to see all girls and women safe in our community and to feel safe in and out of our homes
  • Annette Schilling: Needs to be put away for what he has done and needs to serve his full time not a bit.
  • Samantha Weise: It is totally rediculous that this man has been freed, the crime he committed was atrocious and by all reports this was not an isolated occurrence with the view to violence against women. Please put him back where he needs to be locked up so that no other women or her family have to go through the pain and loss of life

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