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How's this for an idea: duo clean, cook for hungover hosts

TWO Aucklanders have come up with an innovative business plan that could ease the pain of hungover party hosts trying to clean up after a big night.

Flatmates Catherine Ashurst, a consultant, and Rebecca Foley, a chartered accountant, are the founders of startup Morning-After Maids, a service that will come to your house the morning after a party and vacuum the chips out of the carpet, wipe unidentified sludge off the walls and even cook you breakfast to cure the hangover.

The innovative service was dreamt up by the duo following their own hungover experiences, Ms Ashurst said.

"My flatmate was actually hungover and lying in bed one morning ... and we were just chatting and it came up in conversation.

"I am quite a clean freak and she said 'imagine if we didn't have you around we would have to do all this cleaning', and I said well we can do that for other people and then we laughed about it."

A few days later the women discussed whether the idea was actually feasible.

After a lot of planning and "list-making", on Sunday night the duo published a Facebook page for the business, which almost immediately took off.

"It has been an amazing week. We have had the most amazing feedback.

"Everyone has said ... you have seen a need and you are filling it. Everyone is like 'where have you been all my life'."

For a booking the duo will arrive at a house and provide menus for anyone there.

"Then one of us will go to the supermarket, buy the groceries, drinks, coffee runs and then we come back, we clean the house and then we cook them breakfast," Ms Ashurst said.

Pricing is dependent on the party size and those wishing to use the service must make a booking and put down a deposit.

Cleaning is $30 an hour for two cleaners. Vomit is an extra $10 per patch.

Extras such as Panadol, Powerades, party mix lollies and chocolate can also be ordered for an additional charge.

Service users can also order "morning after mascots" - puppies - free of charge.

Currently the business is only taking weekend bookings as both women still work fulltime.

"We are just going to see how it takes off. We are going to take in as many booking as we can fit but without having to rush cleaning and things like that.

"As they come in we are going to have to work out timing and where we fit people in."

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