How to save on groceries: leave hubby at home

GLADSTONE residents keen to save money on groceries should leave their male partners at home, if the tips we've received are anything to go by.

We asked our Facebook likers for their best tips on how to save money when grocery shopping, and leaving hubby at home was a common answer.

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Making a list and sticking to it was another common suggestion, as was shopping around and buying the least amount possible from supermarkets, and buying in bulk.

Holly Anne recommended buying fresh produce from the farmer or markets, and purchasing meat from a butcher.

"And limited supplies from the grocery store," she said. "A $25 box of veggies from the farmer would have cost over double from the supermarket."

Helen Streeter-Smith suggested only shopping once a fortnight, and not visiting the shops in between.

"Buy all bread and milk in bulk and freeze. In our house that is 12 loaves of bread and 14 two litre milks," she said.

"I cook every second Sunday and do up bulk quiches, pizzas, slices and cakes and freeze.

"Do up pasta meals, fried rice etc and freeze. No takeaway food and no tuckshop for the kids.

"This way we meet our budget every fortnight. Never let my husband do the shopping!"

Mays Alfar suggested making a meal plan for the week and buying accordingly.

"I usually cook a big meal that lasts for two days. Also, if you find an item on special, and the offer is quite tempting, then go for it, even if that item is not on your shopping list for this week.

"Also, if you can grow fresh herbs or veggies, that would save you a lot."

Other suggestions included:

Sarah Felton: A menu, a shopping list and no husband.

Dorothy Lewis:  Don't go to the shop hungry. Otherwise you buy things on impulse that you may not otherwise buy.

Sally Price: Try not to shop on days when you are craving the sweet stuff,  shop the catalog specials.

Christel Langridge: No junk food, and leave kids and partner at home.

Sarah Stephan: Write out a meal plan for the week/fortnight and buy ingredients for your plan.

Buy in bulk when you can with anything and freeze away any extras. Try to make biscuits, muffins, pizza bases etc yourself using fresh ingredients.

Might take a little more time but usually saves a lot of money and is better for your health.

Avoid buying too much processed food and put your hard earned money towards fresh produce from farmers markets and the butcher.

Karen Soane: Avoid paying for packaging. Aim for foods that don't need three layers of packaging (eg lollies wrapped in foil then paper then plastic).

Avoid paying for colourful packaging on produce. If my grandma wouldn't recognise it I avoid buying it. And eat less.

Ashley Osborne: Grow your own veggies.

Leigh Campbell: Stay away from supermarkets.

Amber Bendel: Have a shopping list and stick to it. Make meals from scratch. It's healthier too and you can make as much as you need.

Talitha-Mae Woodman: I don't make a shopping list, I just buy the stuff on special. And I don't eat red meat, which saves a fortune on its own.

Angelina Taylor: Shop online. I went from anything up to $600 in store to struggling to spend $250.

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