How I was nearly wiped out by a hash brown on highway

DRIVING along one of the Sunshine Coast's busiest roads in the pouring rain, I could not believe what I was seeing.

As the traffic slowed to a crawl, my attention is drawn to a car with its windows down.

Inside, a young male driver is eating what appeared to be a McDonald's hash brown.

He has one hand on the wheel and seems awfully casual, given the conditions.

Within seconds, I hear the blaring of a horn.

It's only then I notice the same car swerving towards me.

The guy is apparently so distracted by what he's eating that he's forgot to keep his car in line with the road.

My car is almost side-swiped.

Fortunately, I was well to the left and the beeping of the horn quickly alerted the driver to his wayward ways.

Just a few minutes later, a local police chief is on the radio, talking about the five things that will kill us on the roads this Easter long weekend.

The radio host makes a comment about how many people seem to be texting on their phones while driving, especially when caught in slowing traffic.

Speed, fatigue, failing to wear seat belts, drink driving - they will all contribute to deaths on our roads this Easter.

What should be a time of family reunions and fun will be turned to tragedy.

And it can be something as small as a hash brown , or a text message, that will see a family grieving the loss of a son, daughter, brother, sister, father or mother.

Please, slow down in the wet this Easter.

Drive to the conditions.

And keep your eyes on the road - and two hands on the wheel.

We really don't want to cover your fatality.

Mark Furler is group digital editor for Australian Regional Media. He's been a journalist on the Sunshine Coast for almost 30 years.

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