How backpacker tragedies could be ruining our reputation

AFTER watching Wolf Creek - I couldn't sleep for days.

The story of innocent backpackers heading to Australia on what was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime but ended in tragedy.

A terrible backpacker story about a UK traveller is making headlines and it's a scary thought.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the story, a British backpacker was allegedly repeatedly raped, held against her will and taken on a 1500km outback journey.

How tragic.

You hear about it in the movies - but when it's happening in your backyard and is splashed all over the news it really hits home.

This poor girl will have to live with this forever and may think horrible things about her experience in Australia.

A country that is full of beauty and freedom - yet she has been left terrified and may never come back.

What a shame. I hope she also met some lovely people along the way. 

I just want this woman to know there are plenty of Australians who are feeling horrified for what's happened to her and it's something we don't stand for here.

Another even more local backpacker incident that happened in our patch was the story of a tourist who was sexually assaulted while asleep on a bus travelling between Rockhampton and Gympie.

James Anthony Wilshire pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court this week.

The court heard the victim was laying down asleep across some seats when the defendant reached over and has placed his hand down the victim's pants and underwear.

She was peacefully sleeping and woke up being sexually assaulted. 

Everyone has the right to travel to a country like Australia and feel safe and leave after having the experience of a lifetime, not an experience to forget. 

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