Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten with candidate for Flynn Zac Beers.
Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten with candidate for Flynn Zac Beers. Kristen Booth

'Horrendous': Flynn candidate lashes out amid leadership

LABOR candidate for Flynn Zac Beers has painted a grim picture of the region with Peter Dutton as prime minister.

Amid concerns surrounding Malcolm Turnbull's hold on leadership of the Liberal Party, Mr Beers described challenger for the top job Mr Dutton as "horrendous".

His comments come as some suggest Mr Dutton is poised for a second attack for Mr Turnbull's job by the end of the week.

Mr Dutton lost the first leadership challenge 48-35 votes on Tuesday.

Mr Beers, who will contest for the seat of Flynn against Ken O'Dowd for the second time during the next election, criticised Mr Dutton for the little time he had spent in Queensland.

He suggested the region would experience cuts to jobs, hospitals and schools with Mr Dutton as the nation's leader.

"This bloke hasn't even visited Gladstone for over five years," Mr Beers said of the former Home Affairs Minister.

"Just because he is from Brisbane it doesn't mean he cares about us and he certainly doesn't understand our issues up here.

"As Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton allowed hundreds of 457 workers to flood our region and take jobs from locals.

"Many people I've spoken to in recent days are really worried about the cuts to local jobs, hospitals and schools that will come with Peter Dutton as Prime Minister."

Meanwhile ALP Leader Bill Shorten described the events surrounding Liberal leadership this week as a "civil war".

"I've spent a fair bit of time in Gladstone and families are telling me they feel like the economy isn't working for them - everything is going up except wages," Mr Shorten said.

This week, Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd warned his Liberal colleagues against the drastic change.

But while he believes Malcolm Turnbull was the "best man for the job", he said the Queensland Coalition vote would benefit from a Prime Minister from the sunshine state.

Yesterday Senate leader Mathias Cormann and Treasurer Scott Morrison pledged their support for Mr Turnbull.

Mr Dutton confirmed during a radio interview yesterday he was calling on his own supporters to not lose momentum in the pitch to topple the Prime Minister.

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