Honouring women who are shouldering the mother load

THERE is a day in May that is so important it is unthinkable that anyone would forget it.

Or if you do, a swift phone call makes up for it, because the people it celebrates are just that wonderful.

You know what I'm talking about.

Mother's Day.

Often considered a modern celebration, a quick search on the Google machine tells me that Mother's Day actually dates back more than 400 years. Wowza.

It shouldn't be a surprise really. It's a wonderful opportunity to focus on mothers as individuals within the family unit, especially when usually they're so busy putting others first.

They act like superhumans, but sadly do not have the powers to create more hours in the day.

Mothers take care of details like figuring out how to get three kids to three different places all at the same time, how to make nutritious meals when the budget is tight, how to survive without sleep, how to maintain an image of sanity while balancing work and family.

The fact that my own mother is all this, a source of never-ending wisdom and more, has me putting off motherhood for quite some time.

That's a lot to live up to.

Because basically, anyone with experience in the details of being a mum is qualified to be a company CEO.

Sure, no one is perfect, but every mother I know is trying to do the best by her children and most importantly making sure they feel loved.

So, I tip my hat to our community's mums and hope you do the same.

For Sunday: Happy Mother's Day! May all of you who are brought breakfast in bed, carried by little hands, manage to get that soggy cereal or ever so slightly crunchy scrambled eggs down.

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