Man banned from pubs and clubs after spitting

SPITTING on the manager of the Rocky Glen Hotel has led to Nathan David McGregor being issued with a six-month ban from almost every licensed venue in the Gladstone region, and a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Police prosecutor Constable Tyler Roberts told the court McGregor had been drinking with friends on June 29.

McGregor, 24, became abuse to staff and was escorted to the car park of the beer garden.

He then held on the fence and when the manager asked McGregor to get down, he spat with saliva around the victim's eye.

McGregor was then pulled down and removed, but he remained at the scene yelling numerous expletives at the manager, telling him to "stop hiding behind the security guards".

His abuse was audible to other patrons at the hotel.

Defence solicitor Megan Creaser said McGregor, a rope access tech who works at the Queensland Alumina Limited site, could not remember everything that happened that night.

She said that before the assault, the manager had grabbed McGregor's favourite hat, stomped on it and poured a drink on the hat.

"He has reflected on his actions and realises he has issues with alcohol," she said.

Ms Creaser said McGregor planned to work overseas and was remorseful for his actions.

Magistrate Penelope Hay said McGregor had good references and was generally well regarded by his colleges.

But she said offences of assault by way of spitting were serious.

"Spitting can transmit communicable diseases and the victim does not know for a period of time whether or not they have contracted a disease," she said.

She said his excuse of provocation was "childish and hardly worth mentioning".

"Even if true it no way excuses your behaviour," she said.

During sentencing Magistrate Hay said there was a need to discourage the public from spitting on people.

McGregor pleaded guilty to public nuisance and common assault. His term of imprisonment was wholly suspended for 18 months.

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