Holiday a reminder of the value of families

WELL, that was fun.

I've just got back to work after a week off with the family in Sydney, and in some ways I need a holiday to get over the days off!

The boss was gracious enough to let me to have a few days off to get down to the owners of the State of Origin trophy and I took it with both hands.

It's something you don't reject, ever.

I was in Sydney town for the NRL grand final between the Dogs and Rabbits and what a day it was.

Sailing the Sydney Harbour, climbing the Harbour Bridge, touring the streets in an open red bus.

All these things were done by other people as I was too busy drinking beer, playing golf and laughing my head off.

Over the 10 days I was there I drank more beer, played more golf, slept in, ate kangaroo, and celebrated my brother's 40th birthday at Star City.

The other part that was brilliant was spending time with my nieces and nephews.

These little tackers aged 4-13 were all on their best behaviour and never did anything wrong in the entire time I was there.

That said, one of the weirdest comments came from Miss Sophie, who is only four going on 40.

After I came downstairs Sunday morning the night after the birthday bash, I stumbled onto all these kids yelling and screaming with what looked like a tub of red cordial sitting on the kitchen bench.

I don't see how such a mixture of liquid and sugar can send the little ones over the edge.

Miss Sophie actually went out of the room three times in 10 minutes and came back in a new outfit.

When asked why all the new clothes, she said, "Well, the last one's underpants were up my bottom."

With that quote making us all laugh we didn't question any of it because we all know what it's like.

These kids made me laugh and appreciate every second with them. I can't wait to see mine now.

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