Hogan asks for more foster carers

LOCAL Boyne Island woman Cathy Hogan has recently been appointed as the Foster Carer Co-ordinator at Anglicare.

With some great new additions and staff changes to the Anglicare team, they are now calling on others to take the plunge and give back to the community by becoming a foster family.

The Hogan family are respite foster carers and have been for six months.

They are currently supporting two children on regular respite, whilst also providing emergency foster care placements.

Though there are high and low points of the job of a foster carer, Mrs Hogan has said that the highlight of her week is coming home on a Friday to her family.

“When I go home the girls are there and they are always so excited to see me,” she said.

“It has really improved our family life (having foster children) because we choose to do activities that we may not normally do.”

Mrs Hogan explains that some children have specific needs and as a foster carer you can be challenged.

“At times your people management and parenting skills can be tested but that isn’t always a bad thing.”

Foster carers come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types of care.

People can choose to be respite, short term, long term or specialised carers whichever is most suitable for the carer.

The goal that all foster carers aim towards, including Mrs Hogan, is re-unification, although that is not always possible.

Becoming a foster carer is a rewarding and life changing experience and one to be seriously considered.

“I wanted to become a foster carer to help the community and improve and assist the lives of its children.”

“I encourage others to open their homes and start the process. Being a foster carer provides us with a great sense of satisfaction, that we are contributing towards a bigger and brighter picture for our communities children.”


 Talk to your family, children and partner about your idea.

 Ring Anglicare on 4972 8220.

  Attend training and information sessions and then re-assess your final decision.

 Begin paperwork, assessments and blue card process.

 The process will take anywhere between 3-6 months. Within this time make sure you are up to the job and will be able to stick with it and provide a stable home for children.

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