History in making for electric bike rider

HISTORY was made at the Central Queensland Motor Trials Championships held at Lowmead.

Richard Kent rode his bike to first place in the Masters category against old rival Justin Gough.

Richard Kent was the first rider on an electric bike to win a title in Australia
Richard Kent was the first rider on an electric bike to win a title in Australia NICK KOSSATCH

So what was so unique about his win?

Kent rode his Electric Motion EM 5.7 electric bike to be the first-ever rider to achieve the feat of winning a titles in Australia.

"It's quite a story and I don't have an oil well in my backyard, but can make electricity on my roof," Kent laughed when asked of his motive for electric power.

"It's just the cost of it and learning the technology are the benefits."

There's also the environmental benefit as well that prompted Kent to switching from fuel to electricity.

"I'm trying to be free from fossil fuels and the actual technology is great," Kent added.

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He has been competing in the sport for two years and said there had been a few adjustments that were needed to be made to transition from petrol to electric.

"You don't use the clutch as much on an electric bike and it has been interesting re-learning it," Kent explained.

"The rear tyre on an electric bike gets less wear because it has more traction.

"Comparatively speaking, the one gear on an electric bike is equivalent to one to four gears on a petrol bike."

He was impressed how the Lowmead course was laid out.

"There was a nice outcrop of rocks and the course was technically set out really well," Kent said.

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